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Welcome to the Scottish Castles Association website

The stone walls of Scotland's ancient castles, towers and fortified houses have witnessed, first-hand, the fascinating and tumultuous history of the Scottish nation. The Scottish Castles Association aims to help facilitate the protection, conservation or restoration of these unique properties for future generations to study, research and appreciate.

aims and objectives

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New Walk planned for Spynie Palace

New Walk planned for Spynie Palace

An original 'walk' has been created as part of the Moray Walking Festival which will link the cathedral town of Elgin with the palace of the Bishops of Moray at Sypnie.

Category: News | Date Posted: 13th Apr 2014
Kames Castle For Sale

Kames Castle For Sale

Kames Castle, a 20-acre estate close to the shore at Port Bannatyne on the Isle of Bute is on the market for around £1 million pounds.

Category: News | Date Posted: 13th Apr 2014
Dunnottar Castle to close whilst Kinneff Manse is for sale

Dunnottar Castle to close whilst Kinneff Manse is for sale

Dunnottar is to close while repairs are made to the roof of Behnolm's Lodging which flanks the entrance gateway to the castle.

Category: News | Date Posted: 13th Apr 2014
National Trust of Scotland may buy Ailsa Craig with US help

National Trust of Scotland may buy Ailsa Craig with US help

The National Trust of Scotland could launch a £1.5 million bid to buy Ailsa Craig thanks to the support of wealthy American donors. An organisation based in Boston is calling on the NTS to acquire the Island.

Category: News | Date Posted: 7th Apr 2014
Information and attendance forms for our 2014 tours - Around the Forth (Apr) & Dumfriesshire (Sept)

Information and attendance forms for our 2014 tours - Around the Forth (Apr) & Dumfriesshire (Sept)

Information regarding this year's tours to visit Castles, and Towers, on the 26th and 27th of April (Around the Forth) and our September Tour to Dumfriesshire which is on the 12th to the 14th of September 2014.

Category: Future Events | Date Posted: 31st Mar 2014

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Forms for AGM on Sunday 27th April 2014

For all members who are able to attend the forthcoming AGM on the 27th of April as part of our 'Around the Forth' Castle weekend, please download the 4 AGM forms by right clicking on the download icon on the left and saving to your computer. Print out and have them with you on the day. Thank you.

SCA's full colour Journal PDF available to download for Members (once logged in)

Every year we produce, for our members, an edition of our 'Journal' which includes articles and news of our yearly activities. View photos and information about our wonderful Castle Weekends and news of castle restorations, new-build tower houses and interesting articles about our built heritage.

Traditional Traditional Skills Centre Courses

Scottish Skills Training Centre offer courses including building, and repairing, dry stone walls, repairing, and maintaining our historic buildings which includes the use of traditional lime mortar & lime. Learn through master craftsmen and leading experts.

Scottish Castle Tours

Scottish Castles Association Future Events

We have a number of exciting events planned, or are in the process of organising. Our events usually consist of castle visit weekends where we gain access to some wonderful historic properties not normally open to the public. We also have other events such as castle picnic days.

Castles Past & Present

Castles in the past and present

This section shows a range of Scotland's castles as they appeared when photography was first introduced around the start of the 1900s. Some are in a lot better state thanks to restoration, sadly, others have not faired so well due to neglect and some can still be saved before it is too late.

Scottish Castle Wedding Venues

Scottish Castles Wedding Venue List

If you are looking for a Scottish Castle, or historical building, as a venue for your special wedding then start by exploring our Scottish Castle Wedding Venue List. We really do have some wonderful, unique, and magical romantic venues all with their own stories to tell.

John Patrick Castle Photography

A Very Early Photographic Album of Castles from 1867

In 1867 John Patrick of Kirkcaldy published an album of 28 photographic views of Fife many of which depicted castles. Each photograph had been carefully pasted onto card and labelled. His album provides, perhaps, the earliest photographic representation of some of our Fife castles.


Scottish Castle Association News

Check this section, which is regularly updated, for any snippets of news covering interesting topics which, we feel, will be of interest to our members, castle enthusiasts and general history buffs.

Members' Request Announcement

If you are a member, and don't yet have your account login details, please let us know via our online contact page. We are trying to gather as many members' email addresses as possible in order to get in touch with you easily. If you do not have an email address, please still request login details.

 Castle Postcard Collection

Scottish Castle Postcard Collection - Now Live!

Members can now login in to view SCA member Brian McGarrigle's wonderful extensive collection of old postcards. Each postcard shows a picture of a Scottish Castle as it looked around the year 1900. Brian's been collecting castle postcards for over, let's just say, many years. Over 1300 images.

 Mugdock Castle

SCA Castle Photo Archive (members only)

One of the main benefits of joining the SCA is being given special access to our exclusive Castle Image Collection on this website, showing photographs of nearly all historical Scottish buildings which have been accumulated by SCA member John Pringle. A must for castle lovers and historians!


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Although we currently have 86 associated castles within our ranks we are always keen to add additional 'castle owners' to our membership list. If you own, or care for, an historic property we would love you to join us. Note: You do not need to be a castle owner to join. We welcome anyone with an interest in, or connection to, our built heritage.

Made by: John Hunter
Where: Plunton Castle (Kirkcudbright) Past & Present
Date posted: 20 Mar 14
Made by: David Campbell
Where: Jerviston Tower (Lanark) Past & Lost
Date posted: 02 Feb 14
Made by: John Pringle
Where: Buckholm Tower Part 1 (Roxburgh) Past & Present
Date posted: 08 Jan 14
Made by: Janet Brennan
Where: Castle Photographic Album from 1867 - taken by Fife Photographer John Patrick
Date posted: 21 Nov 13
Made by: john Hunter
Where: Scottish Castle - Made in China
Date posted: 17 Sep 13
Made by: Janet Brennan
Where: Scotland's best (and least) loved castles announced
Date posted: 19 Aug 13
Made by: John Hunter
Where: Scottish Castle - Made in China
Date posted: 09 Jul 12
Made by: Brian McGarrigle
Where: A broch has been discovered near the village of Dunning in Perth
Date posted: 02 Jul 12
Made by: Brian McGarrigle
Where: Scottish Castle - Made in China
Date posted: 01 Jun 12
Made by: Brian McGarrigle
Where: Ardrossan Castle to be turned into a tourist attraction!
Date posted: 07 Apr 12

Eilean Donan Castle


As a location it is gloriously unique, but as a wedding venue, quite simply, spectacular. Surrounded ... more info
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Updated Sep 2012
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View our extensive collection of castle postcards (circa 1900).

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