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The Scottish Castles Association
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Scottish Castles Association Tour Sketches

Here we have an extensive collection of castle sketches recorded by SCA member John Buchanan Smith after some of our castle tours. Details of the castles' history and further SCA tour event information can be found in our newsletter, The Journal. Many thanks go to John for the hours spent on these lovely drawings for all to see and enjoy.

Number of castle sketches found: 195

click to enlargeCASTLE (and Region)file sizesdate modified
ABBOTS TOWER-Dumfries47.79 Kb(48932 bytes)
Size of image: 388x376 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
ABERDOUR CASTLE-Fife20.68 Kb(21181 bytes)
Size of image: 378x174 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
ACKERGILL CASTLE-Caithness & Orkney38.54 Kb(39466 bytes)
Size of image: 350x272 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
AIKET CASTLE-Ayrshire44.8 Kb(45876 bytes)
Size of image: 431x349 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
AIKWOOD TOWER-Borders37.12 Kb(38009 bytes)
Size of image: 343x356 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
AIRLIE CASTLE-Angus67.73 Kb(69360 bytes)
Size of image: 409x330 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
ALNWICK CASTLE-Northumberland89.41 Kb(91560 bytes)
Size of image: 537x200 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
AMISFIELD TOWER-Dumfries36.97 Kb(37858 bytes)
Size of image: 370x480 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
ARBUTHNOTT-Kincardine77.23 Kb(79085 bytes)
Size of image: 342x235 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
ARNISTON HOUSE-Lothians31.9 Kb(32666 bytes)
Size of image: 432x242 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
ARNOT TOWER-Kinross96.13 Kb(98434 bytes)
Size of image: 421x275 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
ASCOG HOUSE-Bute65.59 Kb(67168 bytes)
Size of image: 311x216 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
AUCHTERHOUSE Tayside77.21 Kb(79068 bytes)
Size of image: 461x236 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
AULDEARN CASTLE-Inverness16.53 Kb(16925 bytes)
Size of image: 363x147 pixels
Oct 1, 2010
BALBITHAN CASTLE-Aberdeenshire66.66 Kb(68262 bytes)
Size of image: 520x218 pixels
Oct 1, 2010

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