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House of Mergie - Kincardineshire

House of Mergie

House of Mergie

A probably 17th century mansion, three storeys high and harled, with an apparently later stair-wing projecting centrally southwards. Corbelled out of the centre of the north front is a stair-tower with very small windows or shot-holes filled in and harled over. Originally the mansion of a large estate 'The Stone-house of Mergie' is on record in 1590, with 'the fortalice thereof' (Tranter 1962-70).


Associatedwith Mergie house (a listed building of 17th century date) there are a number of garden features, some of which may date to the early 18th century. A walled terrace extends along the S-facing slope 60m SW of the house, and at either end of the terrace there is a two-storeyed garden house. A walled garden on the slope 110m NNW of the house has a chamfer-arised gateway.

Mergie - taken-from-the-garden

Mergie - set in beautiful grounds

Mergie Garden Structure

Mergie Garden Structure

Date posted: 30 Sep 2012Last updated: 23 Nov 2014

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