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Books which you may find informative

If you are looking for a good read then take a look at our recommended books section. Books that contain a wealth of historical information about Castles, Scottish History along with fabulous images and photographs.

The Scottish Chateau
The Scottish Chateau

The Scottish Chateau

By Charles McKean

An often overlooked work of influential architectural thinking, which seeks to redefine the way a culture and ideology, in this case Scottish, thinks about, and therefore reacts upon, its buildings. By questioning the nature of 'why' instead of 'how', this book places itself far above what might be called standard 'academic literature', for not only is this book both engrossing and inviting, but it is also a great pleasure to read without sacrificing any of its academic relevance.

This book is essential literature for anyone who considers themselves knowledgeable on architecture in the UK, Scottish history, and for those who hold an interest in the way architecture reflects the culture and ideology that surrounds it. It is one of the only books to do that, and possibly the only one that does it with specific regard to Scotland. And for that reason, this book is not only a 'must buy', but a milestone in its field.

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The Castles of Scotland

The Castles of Scotland

By Martin Coventry

This is a one-volume work covering ALL of Scotland's castles and fortified houses which totals to more than 1750 sites. It contains information on the history attached to the Castles, the state of them at the time of writing along with 180 line drawings, photographs, 20 pages of maps, owner family names and ghost stories linked to these special and unique buildings. Martin Coventry's 'Castles of Scotland' is an essential reference and a must have travelling companion for all our castle trips and is available to buy in paperback or hardback form. This is the 'bible of Scottish castles'.

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Tales and Traditions of Scottish Castles
Tales and Traditions
of Scottish Castles

Tales and Traditions of Scottish Castles

By Nigel Tranter

Nigel Tranter takes different castles from all over Scotland and gives us a little sketch of the castle for one to visualize then some history and a tale or two about who actually lived in them and the stories linked to them. A few are more commonly known but many were not. Tranter gives writes about the facts not the fiction. Each chapter on each castle is a little story completely separate from the next. It makes you feel like you are sitting on your Grandfather's lap and hearing stories of old Scotland and the people who made it great. Nigel Tranter gave us so many gifts in his historical novels and this is another fine addition to his legacy.

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The Bruce Trilogy
The Bruce Trilogy

The Bruce Trilogy

By Nigel Tranter

Three books in one: "Steps to the Empty Throne", "Price of the King's Peace" and "Path of the Hero King"

A young man once thought by many to be a traitor, rises to the challenge and becomes Scotland's hero king. Set during the war of independence between Scotland and England in the early fourteenth century, this epic story follows the trials and tribulations of Robert Bruce, Earl of Mar. Over shadowed by the people's hero William Wallace, it is this mans terrible execution that is the final straw and catalyst for Bruce's fight for the throne. Edward of England, making his name as the hammer of the Scots is never far from Bruce’s thoughts and is a constant merciless thorn to him and to Scotland. The pivotal part of the story is the Battle of Bannockburn where Bruce finally rids Scotland of the English invader. With traitors never far away Bruce keeps Scotland an independent country until his death in thirteen twenty-nine. Love, war, honour and treachery, this is a historical novel with a bite. This is Nigel Tranter at his best!

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The Wallace
The Wallace

The Wallace

By Nigel Tranter

William Wallace - a man of violent passions and passions and unquenchable spirit, the natural leader if a proud race.

Scotland at the end of the thirteenth century was a blood-torn country under the harsh domination of a tyrant usurper, the hated Plantagenet, Edward Longshanks. During the appalling violence of those unsettled days one man rose as leader of the Scots. That man was William Wallace. Motivated first by revenge for his father's slaughter, Wallace then vowed to cleanse his country of the English and set the rightful king, Robert the Bruce, upon the Scottish throne. Though the Wallace was a heroic figure, he was but a man - and his chosen path led him through grievous danger and personal tragedy before the final outcome....

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Restoring Scotlands Castles
Restoring Scotland's Castles

Restoring Scotland's Castles

By Robert Clow

The restoration of Midhope Castle, Muckrach, Tilquhillie, Aiket, Alloa Tower, Fawside Castle, Mains, Rusco Tower, Tillycairn, Hatton and Forter Castles.

Over four hundred people attended a conference, held in Glasgow, under the title of "Restoring Scotland's Castles", some time ago. The event consisted of a slide presentation on the restoration or rebuilding of eleven diverse 14th to 16th century tower houses. This remarkable interest prompted the publication of the expanded case studies, contained in this well-illustrated book.

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The Border Towers of Scotland
The Border Towers
of Scotland

The Border Towers Of Scotland

By Alastair M.T. Maxwell-Irving
of Blairlogie in Stirlingshire

This splendid book "The Border Towers of Scotland: Their History and Architecture - The West March" is the culmination of over forty years of painstaking research, investigation, excavating, surveying and photographing. This publication ranks with the works of David MacGibbon and Thomas Ross (The Castellated and Domestic Architecture of Scotland) and the work of our own past President Nigel Tranter (The Fortified House In Scotland) published in 1962. Alastair is to be commended for his determination to complete this book. Click here to read about Alastair's 'Nigel Tranter Memorial Award' in 2003.

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