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Braemar Castle gets makeover

Braemar Castle

Braemar Castle - set for vital roof repairs - help and donations welcome

Scaffolding has gone up around Braemar Castle as the first £100,000 phase of repairs begins on the historic landmark's leaking roof.

The local community, which took over the operation of the tourist attraction 5 years ago on a lease from Invercauld Estates, is celebrating the step forward.

Braemar Castle 02

Braemar Castle - major work still needed to conserve and restore the 17th century castle

Volunteers reopened the caste in 2008 after the building had remained closed for several years, being in need of significant repair both outside and internally.

With major work still needed to conserve and restore the 17th century castle, local fundraising last month reached the £20,000 needed to acquire funds from Historic Scotland and he Cairngorms Leader Fund.

Braemar Community Ltd chairman Simon Blackett said: "The people of the village and the Friends of Braemar Castle have worked hard to get to this state We still have a long way to go to bring the castle up to standard, but we are confident with the commitment and enthusiasm shown that we will get there. We are actively pursuing further funding so that we can make full use of the outlay on the scaffolding and would welcome any help and donations".

He added: "The case will continue to be open to visitors from 10 am – 4 pm at weekends while the work on the roof is being carried out".

Source: Aberdeen Press & Journal

Date posted: 26 Sep 2012Last updated: 05 Dec 2014

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