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A Knotty Mystery

Kings Knot - Stirling Castle

Kings Knot - Stirling Castle

The King's Knot, Stirling, largely owes it present appearance to Queen Victoria when she ordered the 17th C garden restored.

However, it is known that earlier gardens stood on this site and that James IV was a keen gardener. So what might lie below?

The answer has been found by Glasgow University working with a local archaeological group. A geophysical survey has revealed a maze of ditches and features some of which are obviously prehistoric.

A conclusion they have come to is that Scotland's monarchs incorporated these features into their garden but for what reason they cannot say.

One recurring legend, however, is that the circular mound which marks the centre represents the round table of King Arthur.

Date posted: 13 Feb 2012Last updated: 05 Dec 2014

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