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Rowallan Castle to beat red tape and be restored

Rowallan Castle (Ayrshire)

Rowallan Castle (Ayrshire)

As one of Scotland's most ancient castles, it withstood centuries of conflict before becoming embroiled in a modern row over plans to turn it into a luxurious residence.

Now the partially-ruined Old Rowallan Castle is set for a more peaceful existence after its owner won a 20+ year battle with Historic Scotland to renovate its historic ramparts. Scottish property developer, Niall Campbell, is meeting with the Scottish Government to work out a deal to allow the restoration of the 12th century castle after many years of refusals by Historic Scotland. Niall, who also owns the Rowallan Castle golf club, wants to turn the ruinous castle into luxury accommodation costing around £55M.

Historic Scotland, up until now, insisted that the castle, near Kilmaurs in Scotland, should remain in its existing, unrestored condition. However, following a change of policy direction, Historic Scotland is about to give full consent to the restoration of the Castle albeit with some conditions attached, one of which is that the Castle will be open to the public on set days of the year and no doubt the Scottish Castles Association will be welcomed to view it when finished.

Most interestingly, there seems to be a big change of personnel at the head of Historic Scotland and with it has come a refreshing change of thinking.

We look forward to the time when the Castle will finally be put to some use and, with it, a new lease of life.

Source: Scottish Mail on Sunday 4 March 2012

Date posted: 06 Mar 2012Last updated: 05 Dec 2014

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