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Preserving the Past for the Future

Castles in their past and present state by Brian McGarrigle

This section shows what a castle or tower house looked like when photography was in its infancy. We also show what it looks like in its present state. Thankfully, not all are in a sorry state as some fantastic historic buildings have been restored or consolidated. Hopefully we can show potential restorers that there are still many historic building capable of being saved. Sadly, it's too late for some.

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Torwood Castle (Stirling) Past & Present

Torwood Castle stands high on its wooded hilltop near Stirling. It is a 3-4 storey L-plan tower with a cobbled courtyard enclosed on 3 sides by buildings including a gate house of which the latter is much reduced.

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Birse Castle (Aberdeenshire) - Past & Present

Situated in a remote part of Aberdeenshire Birse was a small, rubble built, harled tower house with label moulded corbels and a large circular tower corbelled to the square.

Date added: 24 Jun 2012 read more about birse castle

Torthornwald Castle (Dumfries) - Past & Present

Torthornwald Castle is situated in the village of that name in Dumfriesshire and is unusual in many respects.

Date added: 30 May 2012 read more about torthornwald castle

Terpersie Castle (Aberdeenshire) - Past & Present

Dating from 1561 Terpersie is an A listed Z plan castle on 3 floors surrounded by beautifully maintained garden, situated near Alford.

Date added: 30 May 2012 read more about terpersie castle

Carrick Castle (Argyll) - Past & Present

This early 15th century castle is built on a rock jutting into Loch Goil. A stronghold of the Clan Campbell it was bombarded by HMS Kingfisher in 1685 during 'Argyll's Rebellion' resulting in much damage.

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Boyne Castle (Banff) - Past & Present

Boyne Castle is situated near the town of Portsoy and was built between the years 1575-1580.

Date added: 08 May 2012 read more about boyne castle

Timpendean Tower (Roxburgh) - Past & Present

This little 16th century tower is beautifully situated a short walk from Jedburgh. It stands amid earthworks of an obviously earlier date.

Date added: 03 May 2012 read more about timpendean tower

Eilean Donan (Wester Ross) - Past & Present

Eilean Donan Castle owes its appearance to an almost total rebuilding last century.

Date added: 30 Apr 2012 read more about eilean donan

Ballone Castle (Ross-shire) - Past & Present

Spectacularly situated on the cliff tops near Tain, Ballone is a Z-plan castle of the late 16th century. It has been a superb example of its type with square and round towers flanking the main block.

Date added: 25 Apr 2012 read more about ballone castle

Baltersan Castle (Ayr) - Past & Present

This 16th century tower house stands near the town of Maybole and overlooks the 13th century Abbey of Crossraguel.

Date added: 20 Apr 2012 read more about baltersan castle

Rais Tower (Renfrewshire) - Past & Present

The Tower of Rais, also known as 'Stewart’s Rais', was built in the reign of James II and stood on a bank above the Levern Water. It was recorded as being 'square in form with very thick walls'.

Date added: 13 Apr 2012 read more about rais tower

Newbyres Castle (Mid-Lothian) - Past & Present

The fragmentary remains of Newbyres Castle. This 16 th century L-plan tower house stands in an open space at Gorebridge, Mid-Lothian.

Date added: 11 Apr 2012 read more about newbyres castle

Stonelaw Tower (Lanarkshire) - Past & Present

Stonelaw stood on the boundary of Rutherglen and Burnside in Lanarkshire.

Date added: 10 Apr 2012 read more about stonelaw tower

Almond Castle (Stirlingshire) - Past & Present

Situated between Falkirk and Lithgow Almond Castle is an early 15th L-shaped tower vaulted on lower and upper floors with walls 7 feet thick.

Date added: 09 Apr 2012 read more about almond castle

Carnousie Castle (Banffshire) - Past & Present

Carnousie Castle stands to the NE of Huntly. The house is a perfect example of a Z-plan castle with alternate round and square towers.

Date added: 27 Mar 2012 read more about carnousie castle

Strathaven Castle (Lanarkshire) - Past & Present

Strathaven Castle is 70 feet in length with a round tower, 4 storeys high, and a projecting wing at the rear.

Date added: 25 Mar 2012 read more about strathaven castle

Law Castle (Ayrshire) - Past & Present

Law Castle is situated above the town of West Kilbride in Ayrshire. Built about 1468 it consists of a tall, oblong tower house of 4 storeys and parapet projecting on continuous corbelling.

Date added: 25 Mar 2012 read more about law castle

Place of Kilbirnie (Ayrshire) - Past & Present

Kilbirnie Castle (or Place of Kilbirnie) is situated in North Ayrshire between the towns of Beith and Largs.

Date added: 17 Mar 2012 read more about kilbirnie place

Sorbie Tower (Wigtown) - Past & Present

A handsome, well built L-plan tower of the late 16th century situated between Wigtown and Whithorn in the Machars.

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Towie Barclay (Aberdeenshire) - Past & Present

A mid 16th century L-plan tower located near Turiff in Aberdeenshire. In 1792 the building lost its upper two storeys much to the detriment of its appearance.

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