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Buckholm Tower Part 1 (Roxburgh) Past & Present

Buckholm Tower (Roxburgh)

Buckholm Tower (Roxburgh) - Then (top) and in more recent times (below)

Buckholm stands high on the slopes outside the border town of Galashiels. In 1547 Buckholm was 'treasonably held for the English' but by 1582 it was in the possession of John Pringle to whom we can attribute the present structure. It is vaulted and rises 3 storeys and a garret with a small stair tower projecting from the main block. The first floor does not communicate with the basement and was reached by a bridge from higher ground to its rear. With such defensive provision it is surprising not to find a parapet but, of course, the wall head may have been altered.

Buckholm is one of a select few with a surviving barmkin together with its arched entrance and gatehouse.

It is sad to find such a charming little tower in a state of neglect especially as it was complete as late as early 20th century.

Historic Scotland often believes that restoration would be acceptable in principle in towers of this type. In such cases it encourages suitable schemes to come forward.

Date posted: 17 Sep 2012Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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Comment by: John Pringle on Wed, 8th Jan 2014, 6:36 pmRef id: 24

That's odd - I don't recall building this.

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