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Kelburn Castle (Ayr) Past & Present

Kelburn Castle (Ayr)

Kelburn Castle - which do you prefer?

Kelburn is situated above the town of Largs on the Ayrshire coast is now a Country Centre and open to the public.

The castle is a late 16th century Z-plan tower house with high round towers at opposite angles of the main block to which there was attached a mansion of the 18th century.

The owner of Kelburn, the Earl of Glasgow, was given permission to 'graffiti' the walls in 2007 pending removal of the harling 'in 3 years time'. A Brazilian graffiti artist did the work at a cost of £20,000. This features 'a psychedelic series of interwoven cartoons depicting surreal urban culture' (of course you knew that). So popular has this work become that the Earl of Glasgow is fighting to keep the mural for longer.

Kelburn certainly looks a lot brighter than it did in 1904 and so will the Earl as he has just received £250,000 courtesy of Historic Scotland towards upkeep.

Date posted: 04 Sep 2012Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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