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Thomaston Castle (Ayr) Past & Present

Thomaston Castle 1904

Thomaston Castle taken in 1904

Thomaston Castle - Ayr

Thomaston Castle - would be a great restoration project

Thomaston is situated near the famous castle of Culzean on the Ayrshire coast.

It is a handsome elongated L-plan tower house with a square tower at the re-entrant. The rubble walls (originally harled) rise to 3 storeys to a parapet carried, in true Ayrshire fashion, on continuous corbelling. The building has the appearance of being 'low' due to its extended main block.

An arched pend through the wing basement gave access to a now destroyed barmkin the former existence of which is evidenced by scars on the walling.

Thomaston looks in good condition but a closer inspection reveals holes and cracks in the walls. The interior is filled with debris and vegetation. However, it has much the same appearance as it had in 1904.

Thomaston would meet Historic Scotland's criteria for restoration – anyone out there?

Date posted: 27 Sep 2012Last updated: 08 Dec 2014

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