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The Scottish Castles Association
preserving the past for the future

Scottish Castles Association Castle Postcard Collection

Castles of Scotland - An Edwardian Collection of Picture Postcards

In the reign of Queen Victoria Post Office Regulations required that all correspondence on a postcard be on the picture side, the reverse being reserved exclusively for the address. This left little room for communication.

In 1902, with the accession of Edward VII, regulations were relaxed to permit a written message to appear alongside the address. At 1/2d (half the price of letter post) there was an immediate and massive increase in the use of postcards. In fact, there was a picture postcard ‘craze’ rising to its highest in 1905 and not dying down until1910 when the King expired.

This Edwardian passion for picture postcards has provided us with an unique resource – the ability to view castles as they were 100 years ago and more, many of which, in the interval, have been radically altered or demolished.

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Number of Postcards found: 1841

Castle Image sizeDate Modified
erallochy Castle 021159x731 pixelsJan 17, 2014Aberdeenshie
Yester House 01653x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Yester Castle 03865x500 pixelsApr 21, 2011East Lothian
Yester Castle 02628x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Yester Castle 01772x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Yair 01689x400 pixelsApr 15, 2011Selkirkshire
Woodside House 01755x500 pixelsApr 27, 2011Ayrshire
Woodhead Castle 01495x800 pixelsNov 14, 2011Stirlingshire
Wishaw House 01781x500 pixelsApr 26, 2011Lanarkshire
Wishart Port Dundee 01713x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Angus
Winton House 06590x900 pixelsApr 19, 2014East Lothian
Winton House 051200x840 pixelsApr 19, 2014East Lothian
Winton House 04604x900 pixelsApr 19, 2014East Lothian
Winton House 03623x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Winton House 02638x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Winton House 01630x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Whittinghame Tower 03636x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Whittinghame Tower 02687x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Whittinghame Tower 01500x620 pixelsMay 4, 2011East Lothian
Westhall 01694x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Aberdeenshire
Wester Kames Castle 03505x800 pixelsSep 12, 2011Bute
Wester Kames Castle 02406x650 pixelsApr 25, 2011Bute
Wester Kames Castle 01377x650 pixelsApr 25, 2011Bute
Wemyss Castle 06590x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Fife
Wemyss Castle 05670x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Fife
Wemyss Castle 04650x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Fife
Wemyss Castle 03620x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Fife
Wemyss Castle 02614x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Fife
Wemyss Castle 01679x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Fife
Wedderburn House 01637x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Berwickshire
Waygateshaw House 01846x500 pixelsApr 25, 2011Lanarkshire
Wallaces House 011200x749 pixelsJun 5, 2013Renfrewshire
Wallace Tower 01416x650 pixelsMay 9, 2011Aberdeenshire
Venlaw Castle 01520x800 pixelsFeb 27, 2012Peebleshire
Uttershill Castle 01800x525 pixelsJul 21, 2012West Lothian
Urrard House 011100x677 pixelsAug 13, 2012Perthshire
Urr Motte 01616x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kirkcudbrightshire
Urquhart Castle 071100x697 pixelsAug 8, 2012Inverness Shire
Urquhart Castle 06531x850 pixelsFeb 27, 2012Inverness-Shire
Urquhart Castle 051000x600 pixelsNov 14, 2011Inverness-Shire
Urquhart Castle 041000x629 pixelsJul 2, 2011Inverness-Shire
Urquhart Castle 03549x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Inverness-Shire
Urquhart Castle 02644x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Inverness-Shire
Urquhart Castle 01632x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011Inverness-Shire
Urie House 02731x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kincardineshire
Urie House 01669x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kincardineshire
Udny Castle 02670x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Aberdeenshire
Udny Castle 01622x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Aberdeenshire
Tyninghame House 01683x400 pixelsApr 9, 2011East Lothian
Turnberry Castle 051100x705 pixelsAug 8, 2012Ayrshire
Turnberry Castle 041050x654 pixelsNov 14, 2011Ayrshire
Turnberry Castle 031000x588 pixelsJul 30, 2011Ayrshire
Turnberry Castle 02760x500 pixelsApr 27, 2011Ayrshire
Turnberry Castle 01807x500 pixelsApr 27, 2011Ayrshire
Tullichewan Castle 011200x761 pixelsSep 18, 2014Dunbartonshire
Tullibole Castle 01634x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kinross-shire
Tulliallan Castle 02794x500 pixelsApr 22, 2011Fife
Tulliallan Castle 01925x500 pixelsApr 22, 2011Fife
Trochrague House 01788x500 pixelsApr 27, 2011Ayrshire
Traquair House 02682x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Peeblesshire
Traquair House 01627x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Peeblesshire
Towie Castle 03663x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Aberdeenshire
Towie Castle 02394x650 pixelsApr 25, 2011Aberdeenshire
Towie Castle 01668x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Aberdeenshire
Towie Barclay 01635x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Aberdeenshire
Toward Castle 021200x691 pixelsJul 24, 2013Argyllshire
Toward Castle 011100x736 pixelsNov 26, 2012Argyllshire
Torwoodlee 01718x400 pixelsApr 15, 2011Selkirkshire
Torwood Castle 021200x748 pixelsAug 11, 2014Stirlingshire
Torwood Castle 011000x625 pixelsAug 8, 2012Stirlingshire
Torthorwald Castle 031200x760 pixelsJun 5, 2013Dumfriesshire
Torthorwald Castle 021074x850 pixelsAug 8, 2012Dumfriesshire
Torthorwald Castle 011093x850 pixelsAug 8, 2012Dumfriesshire
Torrance House 01819x500 pixelsApr 25, 2011Lanarkshire
Tor Castle 01626x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Moray
Tongue House 01688x400 pixelsJun 23, 2011Caithness
Tolquhon Castle 031000x628 pixelsNov 14, 2011Aberdeenshire
Tolquhon Castle 02800x500 pixelsMay 5, 2011Aberdeenshire
Tolquhon Castle 01902x500 pixelsMay 5, 2011Aberdeenshire
Tiorrim Castle 011100x653 pixelsNov 26, 2012Argyllshire
Timpendean Tower 01498x800 pixelsAug 8, 2012Roxburghshire
Tilquhillie Castle 03704x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kincardineshire
Tilquhillie Castle 02621x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kincardineshire
Tilquhillie Castle 01639x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kincardineshire
Thurso Castle 01595x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Caithness
Threave Castle 071200x706 pixelsJun 5, 2013Kirkcudbrightshire
Threave Castle 06498x750 pixelsJul 2, 2011Kirkcudbrightshire
Threave Castle 05622x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kirkcudbrightshire
Threave Castle 04659x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kirkcudbrightshire
Threave Castle 03452x650 pixelsApr 25, 2011Kirkcudbrightshire
Threave Castle 02668x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kirkcudbrightshire
Threave Castle 01639x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Kirkcudbrightshire
Thornton Castle 02673x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Aberdeenshire
Thornton Castle 01619x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Aberdeenshire
Thomaston Castle 021000x631 pixelsJul 1, 2011Ayrshire
Thomaston Castle 01839x500 pixelsMay 9, 2011Ayrshire
Thirlestane Castle 061100x635 pixelsMar 19, 2012Berwickshire
Thirlestane Castle 05694x400 pixelsApr 10, 2011Berwickshire
Thirlestane Castle 04758x500 pixelsApr 28, 2011Berwickshire
Thirlestane Castle 03815x500 pixelsApr 28, 2011Berwickshire

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