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Fenton Tower - Lothians

Fenton Tower
Fenton Tower

Fenton Tower is a restored 16th century L-plan tower of three storeys and a garret. It is dated 1587.

The entrance leads to the vaulted basement and to a wide turnpike stair to the first floor, while the upper floors are reached by a turret stair. A small separate turnpike stair links the one basement chamber, probably the wine cellar, with the first floor.

The property was originally owned by the Fentons, then the Whitelaw family, who were forfeited in 1587, then passed to the Carmichaels. Sir John Carmichael, the Scottish Warden of the Marshes, argued with the English Warden, Sir John Foster, at a meeting at Carter's Bar in 1575. A battle resulted which the Scots eventually won, slaying many and taking captive several of the English leaders, embarrassing the Scottish leadership of the time. In 1600 Carmichael was ambushed and murdered by the Armstrongs after he had tried to bring some of them to justice for reiving.

Fenton Tower is located just 20 miles east of Edinburgh between Gullane and North Berwick, and has been meticulously restored to provide luxury accommodation for up to 12 people.

Wording taken from The Castles of Scotland Third Edition by Martin Coventry

Added: 18 Apr 2010 Updated: 21 May 2019
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