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Murroes Castle - Tayside

Murroes House
Murroes House

Built on sloping ground, Murroes Castle is a 16th century tower house, with a long main block of two storeys and a centrally projecting round stair-tower. The walls are pierced by gunloops and shot-holes and the original windows have moulded surrounds.

The entrances on different sides of the building are at different levels, one at ground level, the other reached by an external stone stair, owing to the slope of the ground.

The entrance now leads to the kitchen, formerly the hall, subdivided in modern times. There is no vaulting.

It was a property of the Fotheringhams from the 14th century. By the end of the 19th century the house had been converted to house farm labourers, but it was restored in 1942 and is occupied.

Wording taken from The Castles of Scotland Third Edition by Martin Coventry

Added: 18 Apr 2010 Updated: 14 Apr 2019
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