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Pitcullo Castle - Fife

Pitcullo Castle
Pitcullo Castle

Pitcullo Castle is a late 16th century L-plan tower house consisting of a main block of three storeys and a stair wing. To this has been added 17th century alterations including a square tower. A corbelled-out stair-turret in the re-entrant angle was crowned by a square caphouse, while a semicircular stair-tower projects from the rear of the building. A wall near the entrance is pierced by a gunloop and the walls are harled and whitewashed.

The main entrance is at the foot of the stair-wing. The basement is vaulted and contained a kitchen with a fireplace and oven. The main stair in the wing only climbs to the first floor level, the upper floors reached by the turnpike stair in the turret as well as another stair. The hall was on the first floor with private chambers in the wing and on the floors above.

Pitcullo was originally the property of the Sibbalds but passed to the Balfours in the 16th century and was later held by the Trents. It was restored with much demolition and alteration in the 1960's and 1971, and is still occupied.

Wording taken from The Castles of Scotland Third Edition by Martin Coventry

Added: 18 Apr 2010 Updated: 11 Apr 2019
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