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Craigcrook Castle up for sale

Craigcrook Castle

Craigcrook Castle, Edinburgh

Craigcrook Castle, Edinburgh, is on the market for the first time in 300 years and, if it achieves its guide price of £6m, is set to become the most expensive castle ever sold in Scotland. The record is held by Seton Castle, also near Edinburgh, which went for £5m in 2007. Craigcrook, at 3 miles from the city centre, comes with a walled garden and 4.5 acres of landscaped grounds. For the past few years this Grade B castle has been leased out for commercial purposes.

Craigcrook is a ‘romantic’ castle and much altered. The main part of the castle with its vaulted rooms would appear to date from the early 17th century but the amount of vaulting, together with the wall thickness would suggest that there is, in fact, is a much earlier building incorporated. Over the centuries it was improved with stunning interiors and enlarged fenestration. It was greatly extended by W H Playfair and restored in 1989. A 17th century garden with an arched pediment dated 1626 completes the picture.

NEWS Seton Castle

Seton Castle pictured during a SCA visit. It sold for £5m in 2007

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