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Dornoch Castle hotel up for sale for £2.5m

Dornoch Castle Hotel

Dornoch Castle Hotel

Dornoch Castle hotel in Sutherland, 40 minutes north of Inverness, is up for sale for £2.5m as owners Colin and Roselyn Thompson have decided to concentrate on their other business interests.

Colin Thompson said: "With 25 rooms, restaurant, bar and lovely gardens we have considered a major extension development ourselves but realistically Roselyn and myself are so involved in other projects and have absolutely loved developing Dornoch Castle into exactly what it is today perhaps now is the time to move on."

The building dates from 1480 when it was built as a palace for the Bishop of Sutherland. The hotel sits directly opposite the 12th century Dornoch cathedral, which was the setting for the christening of pop star Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie's son Rocco. The hotel is also close to the Royal Dornoch golf course.

Property agent Knight Frank is handling the sale. Partner David Reid said: "I have sold the Royal Dornoch hotel, which attracted huge levels of interest and sold within a couple of weeks of coming on the market. With its amazing history dating from the 15th century, there is no question that Dornoch Castle hotel will receive similar international interest, and the fact that it is trading very well with exceptional profits will appeal to a huge variety of buyers."

Source: Caterer and Hotel Keeper

Added: 10 May 2012 Updated: 05 Dec 2014
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