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Powrie Castle, near Dundee, is put up for sale

Powrie Castle 1604 northern block

The 1604 northern block

Situated 3 miles from Dundee, Powrie Castle is for sale with Savills' Brechin office at offers over £595,000.

It consists of 2 building 45ft apart. The southern is older and would appear to have been a massive Z-plan tower house. This is now roofless and has lost one of its round towers but is otherwise intact.

Powrie Castle old southern block

The 'Old Castle' southern block

The northern block (that now habitable) is dated 1604 and is a fine example of its kind. Latterly used as farm dwellings it was splendidly restored in 1977 and is surrounded by its own gardens and grounds.

Powrie is enchanting and the purchaser will obtain not one but two castles which opens the door for a complete restoration!

The current owners are members of the SCA.

Powrie Castle SCA picnic

Members of the SCA enjoy a picnic on the lawns of Powrie

Added: 12 Jul 2012 Updated: 05 Dec 2014
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