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Crookston – Glasgow's only surviving medieval castle

Under attack for centuries, Crookston has endured the onslaught of cannons in the 1500s and vandals in the 20th century.

Date added: 05 Apr 2021

The Towers of Rule project

An interesting project aims to create a heritage trail connecting twelve Scottish towers in the Rule Valley.

Date added: 06 Feb 2021

Dudhope Castle's future in doubt as potential purchase falls through

The National Trust have deemed Dudhope Castle 'unviable' for them to take on.

Date added: 30 Jan 2021
Loch Doon

Loch Doon – the island castle that moved to the mainland

Remarkably, what remained of this 13th century castle was relocated from its island site to the mainland

Date added: 18 Jan 2021

Piteadie Castle for sale – a restoration opportunity

For sale separately or as part of a lot, Piteadie Castle could be transformed into an incredible home.

Date added: 11 Dec 2020

The Spanish Paradores Proposal – castles into hotels?

A proposal to convert Scottish castles into high-end hotels is under consideration by the government.

Date added: 19 Nov 2020

Killernie Castle demolished over ‘safety concerns’

Dismay as owner destroys remains before protection could be put in place.

Date added: 09 Oct 2020

Invermark Castle – a refuge for an owner with a dark secret

Scottish castles often provide sanctuary for their owners – sometimes even from the law.

Date added: 04 Oct 2020

Two castles with very different futures

We take a look at two castles whose futures are being shaped by two very different approaches to their care.

Date added: 28 Sep 2020
Red Castle

Red Castle – beware a woman scorned

Scottish castles not only had to survive attack from enemy forces but the fallout from marital disharmony.

Date added: 08 Jul 2020
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