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james ii of scotland

The Siege of Abercorn Castle 1455 - part II

The second in our series following the trials and tribulations of King James II

Date added: 15 Dec 2017

Tower House or Engine House? Inside Rais and Stonelaw Towers...

When is a Tower House not a Tower House? When it's an Engine House...

Date added: 20 Nov 2017

The Siege of Hatton Castle 1453 - part I

When William de Lauder of Hatton unwisely chose the wrong side in the dispute between the Earl of Douglas and King James II, the consequences for his castle - and his life - were dire.

Date added: 10 Oct 2017

History lessons revealed by west highland grave slabs

Around many of our castles and historic sites, ancient grave stones often have their own story to tell...

Date added: 20 Aug 2017
chateau haut koenigsbourg

Les Châteaux d'Alsace - where eagles dare!

Some Scottish Castles Association members recently spread their wings to visit some of the stunning castles in Alsace, France.

Date added: 26 Jul 2017

Touring a trio of islands - Kerrera, Lismore and Iona

Three days, three islands and some fabulous castles along the way. It's time to get exploring...

Date added: 24 Jul 2017
hume castle

Castle Warfare Part VII: The English capture Hume Castle in 1547 and are then caught napping!

The Duke of Somerset's dark plan to take Castle Hume led the Scots to use their guile to outsmart him...

Date added: 30 Jun 2017
edinburgh sentinel

The Ubiquitous Sentinel House

Some were utilitarian, others embellished but all sentinels brought a little light relief to otherwise bland fortifications.

Date added: 30 May 2017

Stirling Castle - a peek inside the restored Hall and Palace

From functional garrison to one of Scotland's architectural and historical treasures, Stirling Castle's restoration has been a stunning success.

Date added: 22 May 2017
broughty castle

Castle Warfare Part VI: The English capitulate at Broughty Castle 1550

A combined French and Scottish force saw off the English at Broughty Castle near Dundee. While many of them died during the battle, the castle survives today.

Date added: 11 May 2017
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