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Ardrossan Castle to be turned into a tourist attraction!

Ardrossan Castle

Ardrossan Castle is to be protected from vandalism at last

Plans to turn Ardrossan Castle into a tourist attraction 'to draw people into the town' emerged this week.

The castle has suffered from severe damage over the years by adverse weather and acts of vandalism. A report has stated that the structure is on the verge of collapse and that £103,000 would be required to make the castle safe.

There is £1.5m in North Ayrshire's regional repairs fund and this could provide a possible source of funding for the emergency work needed on the castle. North Ayrshire are to prepare a report to explore how the castle could become part of the heritage of the town and how it can be best utilised as a resource for education and tourism.

Source: Ardrossan Herald 30 March 2012

Added: 02 Apr 2012 Updated: 05 Dec 2014
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Comment by: Brian McGarrigle on Sat, 7th Apr 2012, 10:22 amRef id: 17

The local council are to spend £12,500 fencing off the site due to Health & Safety concerns. The Ardrossan Development Group have organised a public meeting regarding the proposed works on the hill at the Ardrossan Civic Centre on Tuesday, April 17 at 1900 hrs.

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