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Historic battle sites given recognition

In December 2010 Historic Scotland compiled a list 17 important battle sites in Scotland. The stated intention was to raise public awareness of the historic importance and locations of these battles.

The real target, however, was the local authorities and how decisions they make could affect the landscape. The list imposed no restrictions but stressed that the value of battlefields to our national heritage was equally important as castles or abbeys.

Now, in May 2012, a further 11 have been added to the list.

Old Sauchie - Battle of Sauchieburn 1488

Old Sauchie - Battle of Sauchieburn 1488

Members may be interested that many castles stand upon battle sites some with SCA owners, including Fa'side (Pinkie 1547) and Old Sauchie (Sauchieburn 1488).

The Battle of Pinkie Cleugh took place at Fa'side. This was the last great battle fought between Scotland and England and it proved to be a bad day for the Scots.

Before the battle the Scots had flung a force into Fa'side from whence they annoyed the deploying English army with their guns. The English were obliged to thole this irritation until the battle was won. An eye witness records what happened:

'They shot at us with hand-guns and hakbutts till the battle was lost, when they plucked in their pieces like a dog his tail and couched themselves within, all mute, by and by the house was set on fire and they, for their goodwill, burnt and smothered within'.

Those wishing to visit Fa'side today, however, will find that it it offers 4 star holiday accommodation and a guaranteed restful stay.

Fa'side -Battle of Pinkie 1547

Fa'side - Battle of Pinkie 1547

Historic Scotland List 2010

Alford 1645; Harlaw 1411; Dunbar II 1650; Pinkie 1547; Prestonpans 1745; Falkirk II 1746; Auldearn 1645; Culloden 1746; Glenshiel 1719; Kilsyth 1645; Dupplin Moor 1332; Killiecrankie 1689; Ancrum Moor 1545; Philiphaugh 1645; Bannockburn 1314; Sherriffmuir 1715; Bothwell Bridge 1679.

Additions 2012

Glenllivet 1594; Blar-na-Leine 1544; Inverlochy I 1431; Dunkeld 1689; Tippermuir 1644; Sauchieburn 1488; Langside 1568; Roslin 1303; Dunbar I 1296; Loudon Hill 1307; Melrose 1526.

Added: 22 May 2012 Updated: 05 Dec 2014
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