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Lochore Castle and Eyemouth Fort Secured

It is gratifying for the Scottish Castles Association to report a success – in this case Lochore Castle in Fife which has been saved from ruin as part of a community project.

lochore ruin consolidation
TOP: Lochore Castle in ruin
BOTTOM: Consolidation work on Lochore Castle begins

Lochore is a 14th century tower built on what was a crannog (an artificial island) reached by a causeway in Loch Inchgal (Island of the Strangers). The loch was drained in the 18th century leaving the castle literally ‘high and dry’. Ruin and vegetation had obscured the site until the Living Lomonds Heritage Group volunteers cleared it for the Castle Studies Trust to employ ground penetration radar which revealed its secrets.

lochore castle bobmarshall
Scottish Castles Association member Bob Marshall's reconstruction drawings of Lochore Castle

The Scottish Castles Association’s own Bob Marshall was commissioned to provide reconstruction drawings for information boards at Lochore Castle and these can be viewed on his website by clicking here and on his Facebook page .

eyemouth fort
TOP: Eyemouth Fort: Coastal defence cannon of 1860s used against the French
BOTTOM: French works of 1550 at Eyemouth Fort used against the English. French SCA member Annick McGarrigle seen in the picture

Bob has been hard at work lately at Eyemouth Fort where there is a similar community involvement. Further reconstruction drawings of Eyemouth Fort can also be viewed on his website here .

eyemouthfort bobmarshall
Bob Marshall's reconstruction of Eyemouth Fort

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle.

Added: 17 Aug 2016 Updated: 16 Nov 2023
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