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Tower Studies, 1 & 2 - exclusive members offer

Scottish Castles Association President Richard Oram has edited a book which reveals the proceedings of the first two conferences of Turris, an international association for those interested in tower studies. The editing of the third and fourth conferences is currently at an advanced stage. As both conferences were completed at about the same time, the publisher printed them in one volume, resulting in this 320-page book, lavishly illustrated in full colour.

Across Europe the tower is recognised as the dominant physical expression of lordship in the late medieval and early modern period. Most research on towers has focussed on their architectural origins and stylistic development but more recent studies have addressed their place within aristocratic society more widely.

For more information on the content of the book, a full listing and the section headings are displayed in the download available below.

towers book cover

Tower Studies, 1 & 2 is available to order now

Special offer

Normally £45, you can order a copy of Tower Studies, 1 & 2 for just £35 with free postage and packing (within the UK). Overseas postal rates available on request.

To take advantage of this great offer, you can contact Shaun Tyas by phone on 01775 821542 or by email here .

Added: 29 Apr 2015 Updated: 05 Aug 2018
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