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Broughty Castle (Dundee) - Past and Present

Repeated attacks took their toll on Broughty Castle, part of Dundee's coastal defence.

Date added: 20 Jan 2023

Donnington Castle (Berkshire) - Past and Present

More of a luxurious fortified home than a castle, Donnington nevertheless played a key role in England's Wars of the Three Kingdoms.

Date added: 04 Sep 2022

Bavelaw Castle (Midlothian) - Past and Present

At first glance Bavelaw could be mistaken for a mere laird's house but look closer and its earlier origins reveal themselves.

Date added: 06 Jul 2020

Dryhope Tower (Selkirk) - Past and Present

Dryhope Tower's fortunes, after years of stone robbing and weathering, have improved after some tender, loving care has consolidated it.

Date added: 10 May 2020

Glamis Castle (Angus) - Past and Present

A home with over 1,000 years of history, Glamis Castle holds a special place in the nation's heart.

Date added: 03 Mar 2020

Blackness Castle (Lothian) - Past and Present

A formidable royal fortress that became one of Scotland's most revered stongholds, Blackness Castle has had connections with warfare for centuries.

Date added: 27 Aug 2019

Niddry Castle (Lothian) - Past and Present

Referring to imposing Niddry Castle as merely a tower is somewhat of an injustice. See how this impressive fortress is still standing strong today.

Date added: 04 Jun 2019

Merchiston Castle (Edinburgh) - Past and Present

When an early resident of Merchiston Castle invented logarithms in the 17th century it seemed to seal its fate for a future as part of an educational campus.

Date added: 12 Apr 2019

French Castles - Past and Present

Princely pads for Napoleon, the fallout of warfare and the ravages of time, this trio of French castles have faced their battles. Find out how they've fared here.

Date added: 08 Mar 2019

Saltcoats Castle (Lothian) - Past and Present

Built on the site of an ancient salt marsh Saltcoats Castle's remains still give an indication of its former glory - but for how much longer?

Date added: 29 Dec 2018
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