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Newbyres Castle

Newbyres Castle (Mid-Lothian) - Past & Present

The fragmentary remains of Newbyres Castle. This 16 th century L-plan tower house stands in an open space at Gorebridge, Mid-Lothian.

Date added: 11 Apr 2012
Stonelaw Tower

Stonelaw Tower (Lanarkshire) - Past & Present

Stonelaw stood on the boundary of Rutherglen and Burnside in Lanarkshire.

Date added: 10 Apr 2012
Almond Castle

Almond Castle (Stirlingshire) - Past & Present

Situated between Falkirk and Lithgow Almond Castle is an early 15th L-shaped tower vaulted on lower and upper floors with walls 7 feet thick.

Date added: 09 Apr 2012

Carnousie Castle (Banffshire) - Past & Present

Carnousie Castle stands to the NE of Huntly. The house is a perfect example of a Z-plan castle with alternate round and square towers.

Date added: 27 Mar 2012
Strathaven Castle

Strathaven Castle (Lanarkshire) - Past & Present

Strathaven Castle is 70 feet in length with a round tower, 4 storeys high, and a projecting wing at the rear.

Date added: 25 Mar 2012
Law Castle

Law Castle (Ayrshire) - Past & Present

Law Castle is situated above the town of West Kilbride in Ayrshire. Built about 1468 it consists of a tall, oblong tower house of 4 storeys and parapet projecting on continuous corbelling.

Date added: 25 Mar 2012
Kilbirnie Place

Place of Kilbirnie (Ayrshire) - Past & Present

Kilbirnie Castle (or Place of Kilbirnie) is situated in North Ayrshire between the towns of Beith and Largs.

Date added: 17 Mar 2012
Sorbie Castle

Sorbie Tower (Wigtown) - Past & Present

A handsome, well built L-plan tower of the late 16th century situated between Wigtown and Whithorn in the Machars.

Date added: 16 Mar 2012
towie barclay

Towie Barclay (Aberdeenshire) - Past & Present

A mid 16th century L-plan tower located near Turiff in Aberdeenshire. In 1792 the building lost its upper two storeys much to the detriment of its appearance.

Date added: 16 Mar 2012
Cruggleton Castle

Cruggleton Castle (Wigtown) - Past & Present

This 13th C coastal castle occupies a dramatic cliff-top position near Garlieston. Its extensive site was excavated within recent years and a complex history revealed.

Date added: 29 Feb 2012
Fenton Tower

Fenton Tower - (East Lothian) - Past & Present

This 16th C tower house near North Berwick was long in ruin until its restoration in 1998.

Date added: 29 Feb 2012

Earlstoun Castle (Kirkcudbright) - Past & Present

Earlstoun Castle is a typical laird's house of the late 16th or early 17th C. It is L-planned of 3 storeys and a garret with an attached courtyard.

Date added: 29 Feb 2012
royston castle

Royston Castle (Edinburgh) - Past & Present

Royston Castle, also known as Granton Castle, was a late 16th C L-plan tower house, altered and added to in the following century.

Date added: 29 Feb 2012

Hallyards Castle (West Lothian) - Past & Present

Hallyards Castle was a mid-17th C mansion with crow stepped gables and a stair turret projecting from one side. One of the corners was cut away in a curious fashion. A date above a window reads 1630.

Date added: 29 Feb 2012
stoneypath tower

Stoneypath Tower (East Lothian) Past & Present

Stoneypath Tower has been rescued from collapse and now forms an attractive dwelling house. Situated near Haddington it is an L-plan tower house of the 15th C with walls 9 feet thick at ground level.

Date added: 29 Feb 2012
Gilbertfield Castle

Gilbertfield Tower (Lanark) - Past & Present

On the north side of Dechmont Hill, near Cambuslang, stands the house of Gilbertfield, with a panel dating it 1607.

Date added: 09 Feb 2012
Pitfichie Castle

Pitfichie Castle (Aberdeen) - Past & Present

Pitfichie Castle consists of a rectangular block dominated by a circular angle tower dating 1560-70.

Date added: 09 Feb 2012
Wallace House

Wallace's House (Renfrewshire) - Past & Present

Local tradition has long pointed out this house as the birthplace of William Wallace though what we see is a vaulted, steep pitched, crow stepped building of the late 16th C.

Date added: 09 Feb 2012
The Wallace Tower

Wallace's Tower (Aberdeen) - Past & Present

More correctly known as Benholm's Tower this small Z plan tower of around 1600 originally stood outside the Aberdeen city boundary. Moved brick by brick to make way for a shopping centre.

Date added: 09 Feb 2012
Inverugie Castle

Inverugie Castle (Aberdeenshire) - Past & Present

Inverugie Castle was an exceptionally fine, late 16th century tower house consisting of an oblong main block with two round towers.

Date added: 09 Feb 2012