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Almond Castle (Stirlingshire) - Past & Present

Almond Castle (Stirlingshire)

Almond Castle (Stirlingshire)

Situated between Falkirk and Lithgow Almond is an early 15th L-shaped tower vaulted on lower and upper floors with walls 7 feet thick. There have been additions of the later 16th century, now greatly ruined, whereas the original tower stands tall and strong. The tower is especially interesting in that the entrance is not, as one would expect, at the re-entrant but on one of the longer sides and originally protected by a corbelled projection. The parapet rises flush with the wall and is drained by spouts. Of special interest is the fact that some merlons are intact complete with arrow slits - unique in Scotland? A room in the upper storey contained a private chapel. By the late 18th century Almond had been abandoned and in ruin.

Almond was for long surrounded by a brick works but now the site has been cleared and is offered for redevelopment by Falkirk Council. It's future awaits.

Almond Castle

Almond Castle - Pics by John Pringle

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