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Corgarff Castle (Aberdeenshire) Past & Present

Corgarff Castle in 1905

Corgarff in 1904 – it was much more ruinous by the 1960s

Corgarff stands on a height near the head of Strathdon on the road to Tomintoull.

It belongs to the early part of the 16th century but was rebuilt after its destruction in 1581.

The basement is vaulted and is divided into 2 cellars. The entrance was on the first floor with the original access by ladder. The hall was on the first floor with bedrooms above. The original staircase to the upper floors was in the SE angle, above which a gabled turret is still carried up. Two corbels indicate either a parapet or a projection to cover the entrance below.

In 1746 the Government purchased the castle and converted into barracks. Pavilions were added for officer accommodation together with a star-shaped, musket-looped wall for protection.

The army quit in 1831, and by the 1960s it was in a state of ruin until taken into state care. It now belongs to Historic Scotland.

Corgarff Castle

Corgarff today showing restoration of harling and repair of gap in curtain wall

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