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Herbertshire Castle (Stirling) Past & Lost

Herbertshire Castle

What used to be Herbertshire Castle

This great L-plan tower house stood on elevated ground above the River Carron at Dunipace and formed a landmark for miles around. It appears to date from the 16th century at which time it belonged to the Sinclairs of Rosslyn. Certainly the plan and profile together with the continuous corbelling would support such a date.

MacGibbon & Ross, normally so reticent, went to town after visiting Herberthshire in the 1880s describing it as ‘first class in size but it has been dreadfully knocked about and added to in the “castellated” and other styles to the great detriment of its appearance and interest’.

Our illustrious gentlemen had a point as the revised fenestration and baronial extensions did it no favours.

It was latterly occupied by the Forbes of Callendar who were in residence in 1914 when a fire broke out and the mansion gutted. It was abandoned and stood as a tall, empty shell with one corner gone until 1950 when it was totally demolished.

In recent the years the site has become a landscaped park and those interested in the old castle may climb the hill to discover the grassy mounds that mark the site.

Added: 19 Dec 2013 Updated: 08 Dec 2014
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