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Newark Castle (Fife) Past & Present

Newark Castle St Monans Fife

Newark Castle near St Monans in Fife - 1867

Newark Castle Fife in 1904

Newark Castle as it was in 1904

Newark Castle Fife

Newark Castle as it is today

Newark Castle Fife 02

Newark Castle - recently considered for restoration

Newark stands high on the coast near the fishing port of St Monans.

Dating from the 15th century and extended in the 16th it was heightened and Dutch gables were added in the late 17th. Some parts of the castle were occupied well into the 19th century when the tower walls were cut back to provide additional living space resulting in subsequent collapse.

Recently it was considered for restoration.

Its most famous owner was Sir David Leslie, Lt General of Horse at the Battle of Worcester 1651. At this battle he distinguished himself 'by running up and down as a man amazed'. Needless to state the Scots lost the battle and many a Scot said that Leslie should have lost his head for his 'Auld Wark' rather than be rewarded by Charles II with 'Newark'. He is buried in the nearby church at St Monans.

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