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Stalker Castle (Argyll) - Past and Present

One of the iconic castles of Scotland, Stalker stands on a rocky islet at the mouth of Loch Laich. It is a 16th century tower house of the Stewarts of Appin latterly noted for their strong Jacobite sympathies. If was abandonned and roofless by 1831 but In 1965 it was restored and reoccupied.

stalker past

Stalker - abandoned and roofless in 1900

Approach is by boat to a landing place from which stairs ascend to the barmkin. The principal entrance is at the first floor, reached by an outside stone staircase. Walls are 2.7 metres thick. The ground floor has three vaulted chambers and a pit prison. The hall is on the first floor with a further level above.

stalker present

Stalker today - note stair to upper entrance and box machicolation covering the lower section

Along with Doune Castle, Stalker Castle has the distinction of having starred in 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.

Article by SCA member Brian McGarrigle

Added: 02 Apr 2015 Updated: 23 Jul 2015
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