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Terpersie Castle (Aberdeenshire) - Past & Present

Terpersie Castle - before restoration

Terpersie Castle - before restoration. Photo taken in 1904

Dating from 1561 Terpersie is a miniscule, A listed, Z plan castle on 3 floors surrounded by beautifully maintained garden and situated near Alford.

It was burned in 1665 and rebuilt but by 1885 it was in ruin and so remained until 1983 when it was restored over a 6 year period by the William Cowie Partnership for Lachlan Rhodes.

Terpersie Castle - during restoration

Terpersie Castle - during restoration in the 1980s

Terpersie was lately on the market at offers 'in excess of £395,000'.

This castle exemplifies what can be done with a ruin. It has been saved for the nation and at the same time provides a handsome home and an handsome investment.

Terpersie Castle - beautifully restored

Terpersie Castle - beautifully restored

Added: 30 May 2012 Updated: 08 Dec 2014
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