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Preserve Rait Castle!

Determination is essential when attempting to rescue our Scottish castles from ruin – as the group attempting to preserve Rait know only too well.

Date added: 30 May 2020

Plans lodged to give Gilbertfield Tower a future

Could a proposed housing scheme offer hope of Gilbertfield Tower being restored?

Date added: 30 May 2020

Almond Castle – running out of time

A developer has bought the land surrounding Almond Castle. Could this bring hope of restoration?

Date added: 30 May 2020
ravenscraig object

Mystery objects – can you identify them?

The interiors of our Scottish castles often throw up objects which give us an insight into what life within them might have been like hundreds of years ago. Can you work out what these objects were for?

Date added: 28 Apr 2020
Castle Craig

Castle Craig to be saved

Exciting developments have been announced for one of Scotland's most perilous ruins - Castle Craig.

Date added: 19 Apr 2020
SCA logo

A letter from our Chairman

A message to all Scottish Castles Association members from our chairman Robert Bogdan.

Date added: 07 Apr 2020

Scotland's first lockdown in 1350

The Scots have faced pandemics in the past. In particular the 'English disease' of 1350 – the Bubonic Plague.

Date added: 07 Apr 2020

Château de Rouen, Normandy

Joan of Arc was imprisoned in the castle of Rouen in 1431 and you can still visit its donjon today.

Date added: 30 Mar 2020

Largo and its famous sons

Scots are renowned for their taste for adventure and two of Scotland's most intrepid sons have a connection with Largo. Do you know who they are?

Date added: 17 Mar 2020
Kelso abbey

The English attack Kelso Abbey 1545

In 1545, following King Henry VIII of England's orders, the Earl of Hetford set out to destroy Kelso Abbey

Date added: 06 Feb 2020

Depictions of early sieges at Foix Castle and Jerusalem

Some ancient examples of French sculptures and tapestry provide us with some of the earliest 'real' depictions of sieges.

Date added: 21 Jan 2020

Buittle - Castle of the Balliols

The site of not one but two castles that have seen ruin and restoration, Buittle Castle is steeped in history with links to Scottish Kings and more.

Date added: 20 Dec 2019

Cowdenknowes - a house with a history

Cowdenknowes is a mansion of many parts – and with many stories to tell.

Date added: 29 Nov 2019

Marqab – The greatest tower in the Holy Land

One of the greatest surviving round towers of the middle ages still stands today – not in Scotland, but in Syria. But for how long?

Date added: 05 Nov 2019
castle cluggy

Castle Cluggy – an update

Almost hidden by trees and little-known, Castle Cluggy's secrets are about to be revealed...

Date added: 29 Oct 2019

Claypotts Castle – an insider's view

A rare chance to see inside Dundee's Claypotts Castle proved an invitation too good to turn down.

Date added: 28 Oct 2019
castle roy

Castle Roy and the Battle of Cromdale 1690

Castle Roy was in the powerful Clan Comyn's territory and witnessed the massacre of some 400 Jacobites at the Battle of Cromdale in 1690.

Date added: 02 Oct 2019

Drochil Castle - A Regent's Folly

Built as a 'noble recess' for himself, James Douglas, the Earl of Morton, was only able to enjoy Drochil Castle for just a few short years.

Date added: 04 Aug 2019

Castles of France - Montségur

Seemingly unassailable in its eagle's nest location, Montségur did eventually succumb to a siege by the Crusaders in 1244.

Date added: 13 Jul 2019

A Castle, a Battle and a tale of the Second Sight

Ormaclett is a castle with a twist in its tale... and a very short life!

Date added: 30 Jun 2019